Starfield 1.25" Solar Wedge

Starfield Optics

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Product Overview

Embark on a captivating solar observing journey with the Starfield 1.25" Solar Wedge. Designed for amateur astronomers and astrophotography enthusiasts, this high-quality solar wedge offers a unique window into the dynamic surface of the Sun.

  • Versatile Application: Perfect for both visual and photographic exploration of the Sun.
  • Simple Setup: Easily attaches to refractor telescopes, replacing standard prisms or diagonals.
  • Superior Optical Quality: Anti-reflection coated prism ensures high-contrast, detailed solar views.
  • Integrated Filters: Adjustable CPL filter for safe, comfortable solar observation.
  • Photography-Ready: M42 threads facilitate straightforward camera attachment.
  • Optimized Aperture: 26.5mm clear aperture for enhanced light capture.

While offering exceptional views, it's primarily suited for refractor telescopes up to 4" and may not be compatible with all telescope models.   For telescopes larger than 102mm / 4" we recommend our 2" Solar wedge model


  1. The 1.25" model is recommended for refractor telescopes up to 100mm aperture and the 2" model for up to 150mm aperture. Only refractor telescopes are advised for use with a Herschel Wedge due to the intense heat and energy from the sun.

  2. The wedge isn't suitable for Petzval or similar telescopes with a rear lens close to the focuser.

  3. Telescopes made with plastic components are not suitable for this wedge.

  4. Do not place a filter in front of a Herschel Wedge. Filters should only be mounted after the light has passed through the prism, as they can quickly overheat and get damaged.

  5. Solar observing can be hazardous. It's crucial to use proper equipment and follow safety guidelines provided with the products.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review