Starfield Coma Corrector

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Product Overview

Newtonian inherit an optical distortion called as Coma, where stars at corner appears not round but bloated like a tadpole shape. The Starfield Optics coma corrector will provide a flat field image when Use on a Newtonian telescope that works from range of F/3-F/6. The large 2'' corrector will provide widest field of illumination for even full frame DSLR without vignetting

The Starfield Optics 2'' Coma Corrector will significantly enhance your visual experience as well, providing coma free view with sharp pin point stars. 2" nosepiece features recessed safety groove and is threaded to accept standard 2" filters

  • 2" eyepiece barrel features brass compression ring and dual large thumbscrews
  • Magnification factor of only 1.1x
  • Fully Multicoated
  • 3-piece modular design (i) Optics in 2" nosepiece with 48mm male filter thread (ii) 2' eyepiece barrel that attaches to optical nosepiece, and (iii) M48 - T2 adapter ring
  • Back-focus spacing requirement is approx. 70mm +/- 5mm from the shoulder of the 2" nosepiece to the image plane

For visual use: connect the 2" eyepiece barrel to the main optical nosepiece

For photo use: unscrew the 2" eyepiece barrel and attach the included M48-T2 ring to the main optical nosepiece Then attach your D/SLR camera to the male T2 thread via a camera-specific T-ring (not included)

  • Weight: 7.7 oz


(No reviews yet) Write a Review