2" Herschel Solar Wedge

Starfield Optics

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Product Overview

The Starfield Optics 2" Herschel solar wedge transforms how you can observe the sun's surface including sun spots and surface detail

The solar wedge easily attaches to your refractor telescope, replacing the standard 2" mirror or prism diagonal. The solar wedge is imaging-ready since you can fine tune the image brightness without needing to remove your camera.

Solar wedges, compared to traditional film solar filters, are known to give you a higher-contrast image because it removes all reflections between the filter and telescope lens.

The sun can be safely observed with the Starfield Optics Herschel wedge. Brightness can be adjusted by twisting of the 2" polarizing filter by rotating the 2" eyepiece holder.

Get ready to see sun spots and solar surface granulation like never before!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review