Gear series 90MM EDT F/6

Starfield Optics

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Product Overview

The Starfield EDT90 f/6 Triplet APO with FPL53 will take your wide field imaging game to new levels. Using ED Glass optics, and GÉAR series standard accessories with heavy duty rings, vixen style dovetail, and a handle designed to mount accessories.

2.5" Rack and Pinion 2 speed focuser, and a retractable dew shield. To make your imaging experience even better the Camera Angle Rotator will let you frame up your object easily without adding flex or changing your focuser position.

With a total weight of 9lbs, the Gear90 with it's optional 0.8x adjustable reducer, provides a larger field of view when using an APS-C based camera that is larger than 100mm class telescopes that cost more than double. When used visually magnification up to 300x with no chromatic abrasion.

Multicoated optics are standard and each Gear series telescope comes with a Hard case with die cut foam, and optical test report.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review