12" f/5 Dobsonian

Starfield Optics

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Product Overview

The Starfield Dobsonian has a very clear purpose, to offer a large aperture and an excellent image quality.

The 12" f/5 Dobsonian features a parabolic primary mirror, made of BK7 glass, to produce sharp and bright images at the eyepiece. With an innovative clutch system, and cooling fans on the primary mirror, the Starfield Dobsonian telescope is a complete telescope system with a 9mm and 30mm plossl eyepieces and a 50mm finder scope

Ball Bearing movement

Push the Starfield Dobsonian from target to target with ease on its ball bearing pivots. Smoothly track your object and keep it in the field of view of your eyepiece

2 Speed Crayford Focusing

Achieve a sharp focus with us with the dual-speed Crayford focuser. The 10:1 adjustment lets you get that detail that you would expect from a

Finder Scope

Using the included Right Angle correct image 8x50mm finder scope make centering what you want to see easy!

Build in cooling fans

Get your observing session going sooner. With the battery operated cooling fan the primary mirror can be cooled down to the ambient temperature faster.

Eyepiece organization

Keep the eyepieces you want to use within reach! Enough room for a 2" eyepiece and three 1.25" eyepieces. Right at your finger tips.

*Actual telescope comes with a White tube and black base


(No reviews yet) Write a Review