Astroasis Camera Angle Rotator


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Product Overview

The Astroasis Camera Angle Adjuster is designed to meet the needs of astrophotograpy to aid in angel adjustmen. With 360 degrees of free rotation and degree markers etched on the outside body, finding the correct angle to frame your camera is easy.  With its 21mm thickness it can easily replace spacers of the same size.


1. It can be rotated freely a full 360 degrees

2. Degree marks on the outside body for easy angle determination.

3. Three locking screws, that even if fully removed will not allow the rotator to come apart.

5. Compatible with ZWO 21mm-long M42-M42 extender and has M42x0.75 male thread and M42x0.75 female thread.

6. Damping effect between parts, so it has a comfortable feel when rotating

The following picture shows how it works with the telescope and camera.



This product is compatible with 21mm-long M42-M42 extender and has M42x0.75 male thread and M42x0.75 female thread.


The dimension diagram of the product is shown in the following figure.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review