32mm Guide scope

Starfield Optics

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Product Overview

The Starfield 30mm Guidescope is the perfect solution for ultra-portable imaging setups or Startacker mounts like the Skywatcher Star Adventure or iOptron Skyguider Pro. Compatible with guide scopes that are 1.25" in diameter and with an M42 mount interface.

This CNC made with hardened finish displays the high build quality. 30mm f/4. 120mm focal length Adjustable 6 point rings with nylon tips to prevent making the finish Mini-vixen style finder shoe.

Compatible with most telescope finder shoes. Starfield, Skywatcher, Celestron, Vixen, etc..

Lens Diameter: 30 mm Focal Length: 120 mm
Coated: FMC Support interface: 1.25in Or M42*0.75 mount Camera
Focuser Type: Helical Front Focuser Tube Travel: 45 mm
Material: Aluminum Net Weight: 342g / 0.75lb / 12.06oz


(No reviews yet) Write a Review